About SEAmposium

Mumbai is an ocean of potential for those who are willing to plunge in. Mumbai wouldn’t have been what it is without the ocean near which it sits. Seven Islands, natural harbor has shaped the destiny of this city.

SEAmposium is a one-of-a-kind platform that brings together many stakeholders to celebrate the intrinsic connection that the Sea shares with Mumbai City. It is an annual port of call for all the ocean lovers and enthusiasts.

SEAmposium is the annual arribada of ocean lovers congregating to create bioluminescence of ideas. A rookery that will spawn imagination for exploration and not exploitation.
This one-day festival- where the first half is dedicated to SEAmposium & the other half for the Ocean film festival will be an assortment of talks, films, photography, debate involving stakeholders from Beach cleanups, Mangrove conservation, Turtle tourism, Shore walkers, Surfers, Underwater filmmakers, Beach resort owners, Ports, Fishing community et al.

This festival will be an attempt to re-connect the people of Mumbai to the ocean and our coast in a new way with a vision to drive home the message that – 

‘Ocean is not a huge resource to consume but the last resource to conserve’.

Ocean: The philosophy

Shores are safe & secure, The Ocean is dark & deep. Shores are fun and frolic, ocean commands fear and respect. But we have to leave the shores for the ocean. History is witness to the fact that the people who left the shore ruled the people who didn’t. From Shore loving we have to become sea faring, and only then will the ocean let you know its deep secrets. It will reveal the mysteries of life, because it is the ocean from where the life emerged.

In the past the mythical ocean had to be churned by opposing forces & from its deep recess emerged the nectar of eternal life….Amrut. But before that emerged Halahal-the poison that could have killed all life.

In modern day the churning on the land has created Halahal which is being dumped the ocean and now slowly turning it acidic. The Ocean needs to be saved from this poison and Neelkanth will not come as our savior. We have to rise to be the Shiva.

Temperatures are rising, Snow caps are melting, species are getting extinct. Life on earth is getting threatened.

Climate change is real.

‘Life emerged from the ocean, let it not submerge in it’.

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June 12, 2022


VJB Zoo, Byculla

Our creative team

Ecofolks happened purely by chance when we got the opportunity to go in the heart of SGNP, only to return mesmerized by its pure sublime beauty. The idea that struck us is that such a beautiful place exists in our very backyard & we simply failed to notice it. I have been staying in Mumbai since 1991, only to visit SGNP in the summer of 2007, 16 yrs, just to take notice & then to fall in love forever at the first sight.

For any Enquiries please email or call

info@ecofolks.com | +91 9821194396

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