Green Theatre Festival Rules & Regulations

Drama has been a very effective medium to bring current issues to the forefront of public psyche. When the issue is a sensitive one like our environment it assumes potent medium to drive the message in the young and the old minds alike. This drama competition is thus designed to provoke young minds to understand the consequences of our actions on the environment the cause & effect relationship. We aim to make citizens and netizens of today Ecozens of tomorrow, Cityfolks to Ecofolks.

1. Elimination round if conducted will be in the form of rehearsal, therefore set, music, make-up, lighting etc. is not required & will not be allowed.

2. A sketch of the set along with 3 copies of the script have to be submitted to the organizers.

3. Participants have to carry their school id cards for confirmation. Maximum 12 participants allowed per drama/skit.

4. Two copies of the names of characters, artist & technicians are to be submitted before the elimination round.

5. A person associated with one school will not be allowed to participate in the drama/skit of any other school except the script writer.

7. During elimination round the sequence for presentation of drama/skit will be decided by a draw. A school representative is expected to be present for the draw.

8. A minimum number of 12 schools are expected for the competition to continue, otherwise organizers will get in touch with respective schools.
Drama Entry Fee : Rs. 100/- per school.
Time duration : 20 to 25 minutes.
Language : English, Hindi, Regional language of the state.
Last date of Registration: To be communicated via mail/Whatsapp.
Registration Address : To be communicated via mail/Whatsapp.

1. Final participants need to provide their set requirements in advance. Possible set will be made available, rest of the set need to be arranged by the school.

2. No objection letter from the script writer, list of actors & technician and a plan for the lighting arrangement has to be submitted before the perfomance.

3. Schools are requested to reach the venue 2 hrs. before the schedule start of the programme.

4. Ecofolks reserves all the rights to change any rules mentioned above.

5. All disputes regarding the subject will be restricted to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.

6. Winners will be chosen by the panel of Judges and their decision will be final.

7. All the props/sets bought by the school for the Finals should be made from ecofriendly material, recycled etc. Marks will be deducted otherwise.

Entry Form

Please fill out the entry form below:

    School Name:
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    School Timings:
    Name of Drama/Skit:
    Writer's Name
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    No of Participants:
    We accept the terms & conditions of the competition and are ready to abide by it.

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