Green Theatre Festival

The Green Theatre Festival is a interesting blend of Theatre, Environmental Conservation & Personality Development amongst the school/college students.
It is a creative challenge for the students to write, direct and act on the different environmental issues plaguing mankind & leave a strong message for the older generation to clean up their act.

This Inter school Drama event has been running successfully in Maharashtra since 2007 with more than 350 schools participation.

Drama has been a very effective medium to bring current issues to the forefront of public psyche. When the issue is a sensitive one like our environment it assumes potent medium to drive the message in the young and the old minds alike.

This drama competition is thus designed to provoke young minds to understand the consequences of our actions on the environment the cause & effect relationship.

We aim to make citizens and netizens of today Ecozens of tomorrow, Cityfolks to Ecofolks.

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