Eye of the Tiger

Don’t loose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive.

Welcome to Ecofolks

Ecofolks happened purely by chance when we got the opportunity to go in the heart of Sanjay Gandhi National Park(SGNP), Mumbai, only to return mesmerized by its pure sublime beauty. The idea that struck us is that such a beautiful place exists in our very backyard & we simply failed to notice it. I have been staying in Mumbai since 1991, only to visit SGNP in the summer of 2007, 16 yrs, just to take notice & then to fall in love forever at the first sight.

ideas for Greener Planet



Awareness program to create eco-educators to bridge the gap between man and nature


Trek conducted by you was very much appreciated and we received a good feedback from our employees

Chief Conservator of Forests

Ecofolks volunteers successfully carried out activities like nature trail and educational workshop in the national park

The Story of Ecofolks...

We had heard of population census that happens once in a decade to compute how many of our species we have added. Animal census’ was something back of the beyond of our imagination.

Its when one of our friend invited us to be part of this unique exercise…..Counting animals in the jungle.


Ecofolks is in the unique space of creating offbeat experiences in the area of nature conservation. Our events not only entertain but illuminates, provokes, disturbs & propels us into action.

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